About Us

Welcome to the Wild, Wicked & Wacky World of Wonder Magic –
The kingdom of Smarty Mischief, Magic and Mystery!

There is a mischievous child in all of us waiting to surprise and be surprised. Everyone has a secret desire to be one up on others. Mischief and Magic have fascinated mankind since ancient times.

At WONDER, we have a variety of good quality TRICKS, JOKES, GAGS, Gimmicks which are sure to excite all “Children” from six to sixty six! Besides children promotions, many of our Magic Tricks and Gimmicks can be used as advertising medium for your products and services.

Applications limited only by your imagination!

We are constantly adding new and innovative products to our range.

Please contact the WONDER WIZARD for more surprises. With a few tricks up your sleeve, like the Wonder Rabbit you can also pull out PROFITS from your BUSINESS HAT!

We can help you do WONDERS with your SALES and GOODWILL

Magically Yours